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Ten Tips For Finding And Working With Angel Investors

Discover how to find angel investors and make an impact once you do meet with them. There are critical steps you need to take to be prepared, find out what they are. 

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BY FC Expert Blogger David GassMon Jun 27, 2011
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Angel Investors
If you are starting a business or growing an existing business, you are likely to find yourself in a situation where you need capital. Unfortunately, the majority of small business owners these days don't qualify for traditional bank financing. Instead they are seeking alternative sources of capital, such as an Angel Investor or Angel Group.

… So here are ten tips for finding and working with angel investors collected from my years of experience working with angels and investing in deals myself.

1. Network, network, network. …You don't have to know an angel investor to get a meeting with one; you just need someone in your network that can connect you to an angel investor.

busines planImage via Wikipedia2. Have a Business Plan. …The business plan should have all key areas mapped out such as a clear explanation of the product/service, the size of the market, the target demographic, return on investment for the investor, exit strategy, financials, pro forma, and organizational structure of the company.

3. Investors invest in people not the idea. Don't pretend to be someone you're not in order to solicit an investor. Investors want to work with people they like, they trust, and they believe can grow the business. If you pretend to be someone you're not, the investor will find out over time and the deal will likely blow up.

4. Have your elevator pitch down. You never know when you will have the opportunity to get an investor interested in your deal. … So be prepared to present a killer elevator pitch that clearly states your offer, your business, and what makes you and your company unique.

5. Put together a one-two page summary. In addition to the elevator pitch you need to have a one to two page executive summary on your business, similar to the elevator pitch, but on paper. This is something you can hand to an investor if they want to learn more without boring them with a 30-page business plan.

6. Know your numbers. Angel investors don't want to invest in a business when the owner can't articulate what the numbers in the business plan mean. …

7. Learn basic presentation skills. … If you have trouble speaking in front of people, you need to learn the skill. You … need to be able to provide a clear and interesting presentation that will attract the interest of those listening.

8. Know your strengths. Investors know that you aren't going to be an expert at all aspects of running a business. … [You] need to explain how you are going to overcome those weaknesses by outsourcing, hiring experts, or another way.

9. Have a team. A team is important for investors to see. … You don't have to have specific individuals in place right away and they don't have to be employees. They can be mentors, board of advisors, board of directors, managers or independent contractors. At minimum have an organizational chart based on a time line for growing the business and what team members you will add over time.

10. Maintain Focus. … Don't have too many projects, product lines or ideas. Maintain focus on what you are offering and investors will find clarity in your offer. Clarity = Power.

These tips can be very helpful but if no action is taken to implement them, you'll remain in the same position you are today--little to no chance of getting funded by an Angel Investor. So take the steps to put yourself in a position to get funded:
Step #1--Develop your elevator pitch and one page presentation.
Step #2--Write out your business plan.
Step #3--Join networking groups and attend conferences where investors are likely to be.

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