Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Teleworkers more satisfied, study shows

Employee Benefit News

By McLean Robbins

September 4, 2007

New research shows teleworkers are generally more satisfied with their company and job than those who work within traditional environments.

“This represents yet another weapon in the war for talent,” says Jack Wiley, executive director of the Kenexa Research Institute, which published the study.

Kenexa evaluated the impact of an employee’s office location on their pride in the organization, confidence in the organization’s future and willingness to recommend their organization to a friend. In each of the metrics, teleworkers outscored their in-office counterparts.

“Managers who allow and support telecommuting enjoy a boost in employee appreciation and are seen as notably more employee-centric and competent,” Wiley adds.

Seventy-three percent of teleworkers say they are satisfied overall with their company, compared to 63% of office workers.

Those in “professional” industries are most likely to telework (20.6% of respondents), specifically those job functions in business services and financial industries – including insurance and real estate. Not surprisingly, those in the restaurant industry were least likely to work from home, a mere 0.2 % of respondents.

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