Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Custom Logos: Essential For Small Business Marketing

Feeling Wow Blog Posted using ShareThisby Caressa Waechter A company, and sometimes an individual is represented by a graphic design, also know as a logo. This is a carefully thought-out visual representation of a company, and/or its products, that can be instantly recognizable by customers. Logos are used in the brand marketing of a business, or individual. A logo is a memory aid for the consumer that is used as part of a brand marketing strategy. Humans generally remember visual symbols better than text by itself, so a logo gives people something they can remember and instantly recognize while associating the symbol with your company. A small business must work to establish itself in the marketplace, and they can do that by having a custom logo designed for their business. Therefore, having a logo designed is a big step for a business to take to market their brand. For a business entering an innovative market, or wanting to sell a unique product, a high-quality logo is a vital marketing tool. Leading edge companies use them to help explain what they are all about, while new companies use them to gain brand recognition. Having a logo designed for your company is step that should not be taken lightly. It is going to represent your business, and if you find out down the road that it is not portray the correct message, you are going to have a hard time rebuilding your brand that was built around a poorly designed logo. Therefore, the logo you choose for your business needs to be highly representative of your company and your products. It must be a design that will stand the test of time and clearly and quickly convey what your company (or product) is about to the target market. A logo does not always just consist of a graphically designed image. It can also have a catchy phrase or shows the name of your company or product. Properly designed, a logo tells your customers that your business is highly credible and is to be trusted. A logo designer that knows what they are doing can communicate your company’s character and personality, making customers want to do business with you. The better your logo design, the better chance of you winning customers and having a successful business. About the Author: Caressa Waechter is an entrepreneur who feels that creative logo design really aid in marketing a small business. Learn more about, including where to get your graphic design logos by visiting her website.

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