Monday, January 12, 2009

Ingenious Way to get Twitter Followers and Advertise Your Business

Posted using ShareThis Upon checking into my hotel room at the Rio in Las Vegas, where I am attending the Affiliate Summit for a few days, I received what appeared to be a typical hotel room key — plastic, about the size of a credit card. ... It turns out, it was a key branded with the logo of one of the sponsors of the Affiliate Summit event, which is being held in the Rio’s convention center. But I’ve actually seen that before. So while I was impressed with the sponsor’s marketing savvy, I wasn’t exactly surprised. No, what REALLY surprised me was that the sponsor’s Twitter address was also printed on the key. ... I have 4 take-aways from this for vendors that exhibit at or sponsor events: (1) Get on Twitter — like yesterday — if you are not already on it. ... (2) Make sure you have a Twitter strategy for any events you sponsor or exhibit at. ... (3) If you advertise a Twitter address, then be sure to use your Twitter account to full advantage. ... (4) Get used to using “hash tags” if you are exhibiting, sponsoring or attending events. ...

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